Discology of Kippy Marks *continued*

The Chronicles of Izabella

tcoi front_3.jpg

Kippys NEW cd The Chronciles of Izabella book 1 "To The Mountain Top" is a fusion of electronic beats and funk violin with a mix of vocals and rhythm. This first book is packed with unforgettable style and will get your feet tappin and your soul full of joy. US $15.00

TR-2 vol 3 U

Tr-2 vol 3 cdcover_4.jpg

Improv-o-linist Kippy Marks dose it again with the third vol. of the trilogy TR-2 "Tranquillillium" This project grabs the listener and brings them to the final place of Musical Peace with a fusion of jazz rhythms that intices the ear and body to truely feel the artist passion and devotion to the Gift of Music. "U" the title of the cd represents the Artist gratitude to everyone who has shared in the spirit of the creation of Music. US $15

Tr-2 vol.2 The Aquarian Age ReVisited


The Artist fuses upbeat dance rhythms and electronic violin rhythms that take the listener to the second level of what the Artist refers to as "Tranquillillium" The Music inspires and uplifts the body and soul as the spirit merges and ReVisits the Aquarian Age once more. US $15

TR-2 vol. 1 Leather & Wood

Tr-2 vol 1.jpg

Tr-2 "Tranquillillium" vol.1 is a fusion of Dance beats fused with electric violin and vocals. This album grabs the listener and gets the body movin and groovin and singing along. US $15

The Slow Project

The Slow Project cdcover.jpg

The Artist brings relaxing tones and Acoustic Violin together to create a Unique and empowering emotion to the listenter. The Artist uses Reiki Energy together with each song which adds a fresh feeling of overall wholeness. US $15


Ecnamor front.jpg

A collection of the Artist Original Classical Compositions. Ecnamor which is Romance spelled backward brings the listener to a state of total relaxation and expresses the Artist true Romance for the violin. US $15

The Arrival

the arriva.jpg

The Artist fuses acoustic and electronic rhythms, and draws from Classical, Jazz, Blues, Middle-Eastern and Eastern-European tradtions. The Arrival has brought rave reviews and recognition to the Artist. US $15



Using Chimes, glass Chimes, Storytelling, Rainstick and other instruments the Artist creates an Egyptian meditative sound taking the listner to what Kippy refers to as "Tranquillillium". US $15

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The Discology of Kippy Marks
Discology of Kippy Marks *continued*
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